Table Grapes

This fruit is presented in bunches with multiple berries with a sweet flavor and crunchy texture, in the market there are different colors, sizes and shapes, there are white, red and black varieties, elongated, round, with and without seeds. In addition to its multiple health benefits.

Varieties, origins and availability calendar


From Perú

From Chile

Red seedless varieties

Allison, Candy Snaps, Crimson Seedless, Flame Seedless, Jack Salute, Scarlotta y Sweet Celebration.

Allison, Arra 19, Arra 29, Crimson Seedless, Flame Seedless, Krissy, Sweet Celebration y Timco

Red varieties with seed

Red Globe.

Red Globe y Moscatel Rosada.

Green seedless varieties

Arra 15, Autumn Cris, Cotton Candy, Ivory, Sugar Crisp, Sugraone, Sweet Globe.

Arra 15, Sugraone, Sweet Globe, Thompson Seedless y Timson.

Seedless Black Varieties

Candy Dreams, Midnight Beauty, Sable, Sweet Enchantment, Sweet Flavors, Sweet Sapphire.

Arra 32, Autumn Royal, Black Seedless, Midnight Beauty, Sable.

Black varieties with seed


Sweet Jubilee


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