Transparency and value to your supply chain

100% transparent and open book service.
We add value to the chain with good business planning, focused on retail sales and excellent communication/information.

For Growers

We act as part of your commercial team, transforming it from one year to the next into a large exporter with a presence in more than 20 countries.

OPTIONS Present different commercial options to producers that have added value.

CLOSE commercial's terms with the clients.

QUALITY AND PACKAGING We visits farms and packing houses to check quality and packaging of the fruit.

COMPLIANCE Weekly monitoring of compliance with the program.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Review, approval and sending documents via email to the client.

COLLECTION Manage the payment of advances.

QUALITY CONTROL Request and send quality reports for each container.

REPORTS Request and send inventory and sales report.

LIQUIDATIONS Manage the sending of the liquidation and final payment within the agreed deadlines.

For Importers

We act as part of your outsourcing team.

OPTIONS Present different options of origins and producers that complement the customer's supply.

COMMERCIAL ANALYSIS Confirm programs with the producers and their respective commercial terms, according to the client's needs.

SUPERVISION Supervision in the field and packing compliance with the program.

QUALITY Review of quality and packaging, so that it meets the specifications of each end customer.

FOLLOW-UP Weekly report on compliance with the program.