Services and Products

TLM‘s main mission is to consolidate lasting commercial relationships between our suppliers and customers in the world over time, based on the fulfillment of the programs, both in volumes, quality and condition, as well as compliance with commercial quality standards.


Fresh Fruit Availability

Seedless greens: IvorySugraone, Thompson Seedless, Arra 15Sweet GlobeCotton CandySugar Crisp.

Red seedless: Allison, Crimson Seedless, Flame Seedless, Scarlotta SeedlessArra 29Jack SaluteSweet Celebration, Timco.

Seedless niggas: Midnight BeautySable Seedless,  Sweet FavorSweet Saphire.

Red with seed: Red Globe, Moscatel Rosada.

Black with seed: Sweet Jubilee.

Biloxi, Snowchaser & Ventura.

Hass and Gree Skin variety.

Cerezas: Sonata & Santina
Ciruelas: Angeleno, Larry Anne, D’Agen

Cítricos: Santsuma,  W. Murcott, Primosole, Honey Tangerines y Tangelos.
Mangos: Kent
Manzanas: Ambrosía, Braeburn, Cripps Pink, Envy, Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith.
Kiwis: Hayward y Golden Kiwi
Ciruelas: Angeleno, Larry Anne y D’Agen

Destination Markets