Company dedicated to the service of commercial management, efficient and timely link between producers/exporters and the main distributors of fresh fruit with access to retail chains and niche markets worldwide.


The experience of years in the commercialization of fresh fruit allowed the company to look for opportunities for exporting growers who wish to maintain a long-term relationship with distribution chains and retails that most likely could not do so individually. This is because the offer windows are limited, however, the quality is adequate. That is, it seeks to highlight the individualities and experiences of each producer so that it stands out on the shelves of the main international retails.

With dedication and passion for what we know how to do, efficient and reliable programs are coordinated among several exporting producers with the objective of meeting the weekly volume requirements for seasons that individually could not be achieved. Always maintaining a standard of quality, packaging and certifications acceptable to customers of highest demands.

The proper administration of the resources of our collaborators as of our international clients is the key to success, an orderly work and without delays when it comes to a sensitive product such as fresh fruit. We understand that the most important thing is to reach the final consumer well who repeats the experience of purchasing, if we can do our job well.


With globalization, markets are currently varied as diverse. However, we understand that it is not enough to reach everyone, but more importantly to enter the marketing chain of the final destination (homeowner) as soon as possible, this is only achieved by establishing long-term relationships and not speculating with a sensitive item as the fresh fruit is. The delay in inventory movements regardless of the quality and type of fruit is the greatest difficulty that an exporting producer can find if their fruit is not in a previously established program may eventually be waiting a purchase order for a long time. affect its condition characteristics such as quality that ultimately are what attracts the consumer to buy and pay for it.

Main Collaborators

Locally, the exporting producers have the knowledge and desire to stand out in the most important markets, maintaining long-term programs that allow developing long-term fruitful relationships with clients.

In Destination they are the importers who understand the importance of working with the farmer who directly produces the fruit, delivering the results that the effort of a whole year of work deserves.

Finally, the synergy between the two business actors allows us to strengthen relations with the final buyer (Consumer) who will look for a quality product every season for which he will be willing to pay the right price.